Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

If you have a cat with a doting human on your Christmas shopping list, you have undoubtedly decided on a cat themed gift. Now, on to the hard part, choosing just the right gift! As a cat’s pet, they are undoubtedly showered with every cat related item the local bulk stores have to offer. You want your gift to be unique. While buying for the cat will score points for you, consider the lasting impression [...]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

If you are dating a cat with a doting human, buying a gift for this special cat lover is as easy as meow, 2, 3! Here at Suddenly Cat, we offer the widest selection of cat gifts that you will not find at the corner drug store. From jewelry and clothing for the cat’s human, to costumes and toys for the cat, you are going to find just the right gift! We hear Santa has [...]

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The Top Ten Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat people, like cats, can be notoriously hard to shop for. While their kitties may deign to be pleased by a felt mouse laced with catnip, that's probably not going to cut it for their furless friends. Never fear! We've rounded up the top ten best gifts for cat lovers that'll have your friends purring with delight. Cat Tail Socks cat tail socks Your cat's always underfoot, but has he ever been on [...]

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Rilakkuma – Relaxed Plushy Bear from Japan

Rilakkuma, it's a time to relax with cute cats! How did it came to be? When young, overworked, single office ladies dream of relaxation, what do they imagine? We observed that some of the favourite attributes that come to mind accompanying their stressed baby Shar-Pei foreheads are often - fluffiness, simplicity, and perhaps flat-out-cuteness! Imagine 3 japanese high school girls (kogal コギャル) simultaneously screaming kawaii~!! There you have it, that is an apt visualisation on [...]

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33 Pictures of Cats Wearing Bow Ties

Here's your eye bleach of the day. 33 pictures of cats wearing bow ties looking dapper. You can't say no to a cat wearing a bow tie. Or should we say, Gentlecat. Check out our store if you're looking for cat bow ties.

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15 Pictures of Cats in Sinks

As a cat owner, it is inexplicable that we find our cats in odd places of the house sometimes. Here are 15 pictures of cats in sinks. Nothing better to start the day with a furball in the sink.

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Bits Of Fur Missing On Your Cat? This Could Be The Reason Why.

A microscopic view of a fur mite Fur mites. It is quite a common condition to have. In fact, Resident SUDDENLY CAT Maomao has suffered from fur mites quite some time ago. Those dust-like particles are actually caused by fur mites. Shine light on the fur and you can actually see the "dust particles" moving if you observe long enough. Poor Maomao! Here's the back of her neck, the fur mites has congregated at the [...]

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