All cats love to scratch and climb to stretch their legs, sharpen their claws, visual markings and also to leave their scent. As an owner, it is your obligation to provide a scratching post to save your carpet, furniture and other things that your furry friend might be tempted to scratch.

However, choosing the right scratching post sometimes frustrating and expensive, because not all good or pleasing in human eyes are attractive to your pet, they often ignore it and instead head on to your couch and scratch. To avoid this unpleasant situation, provide your cute pal the best scratching post that he/she can’t resist.

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How to Choose the Right Material?

Choosing for the right material will depend if your cats love to spent outdoors or indoor. You should observe what they prefer to scratch but we suggest the following.

  • Choose wood material if your friend accustomed to spending time outside. You can buy a tree branch-style as it will quite appealing to them.
  • Sisal rope is another best alternative which please cats who like indoor or outdoor environment. It has a resemblance to some carpets and so will look attractive for cats.
  • Cardboard is the best less expensive option. It can provide your cat’s the same satisfaction but it is not durable as it seemed.

What Are Other Things to Consider?

Buying a scratching post wouldn’t end up with the material itself as you need to consider the following when buying.

  • The scratching post should have enough height. 32 inches long is advisable to allow your cat to achieve a full stretch and satisfying scratch. But, since cats have different size, try to determine your feline’s height prior to buying.
  • Cats like to scratch horizontally and vertically which means that providing them both angle gives them a satisfying experience.
  • Adding some scratching post accessories can be fun with your feline friend. You can hang spring toys or small balls to keep them busy and happy.
  •  Place the scratching post in a stable position. Your cat wanted to climb and scratch it anytime they want hence place it in a prominent, undisturbed and spacious location in the house where it won’t fall.
  • Determine if your cat needs a freestanding or floor-to-ceiling scratching post also active and large cats love a more stable post.

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So, What Are You Going to Buy?

The decision of what is the perfect scratching post to buy may vary depending on the following factors.

  • Your feline friend built and height. A kitten should be properly handled according to its weight while large cats also need special attention in line with its built.
  • The right cover color (scratching post) choice may also count in line with your house decor or could be associated with your carpet’s shades or home motif.
  • Determine your budget for this object, some may come with an expensive price but if this is what your cats needs, then it is worth to pay.


It may not seem important to have a scratching post at home in the beginning. But later on, you’ll see and appreciate the usage of this item and you’ll be thankful for yourself for saving your favorite sofa and other furniture.