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Having a pet can be a very rewarding experience. You can have a lot of fun with your feline friend but to have that fun, you also need to have some essentials. As you bring your cat home, you need to make room for him or her to sleep; you would need food, bedding and lots of other essentials such as some toys and accessories. Beyond that, you will need cat furniture. Any pet demands a certain set of furniture. The list of cat furniture is quite diverse and they would also take up some space in your home.

There are more than half a dozen types of cat furniture which you may have to buy but you will albeit be confined to the space available at your disposal and what you can comfortably afford right at this stage. To begin with, you will need a cat tree and a cat scratching post. You can double up the cat tree as the cat condo or cat house as well. You may also opt for several perches on the cat tree, a hammock and some playing or resting area. Such types of cat furniture, while necessary, can often ruin the interiors that you have so fondly and meticulously set up at your home.

You should not allow cat furniture to dent the ambience in your home. Instead, you should try to pick cat furniture to match your home or to accentuate the settings. Yes, cat furniture can accentuate or enhance the ambience and the interior décor, if you choose them wisely.

Here is a quick guide to picking stylish cat furniture to match your home.

  • First, you must choose a design that would complement your décor. Determine the type of décor you have in your home. It could be upscale, chic, classy, country, Victorian, contemporary, colorful and bright, sophisticated and arty, among others. Depending on the type of interior décor you have, you should choose the cat furniture. If your room or the interior is colorful and bright, then you can opt for funky cat furniture. If your setting is more sophisticated or upscale, then you have to pick cat furniture accordingly. It should be something that oozes class. For instance, a bright cat tree with flat wooden perches would do great without any smart features in an ordinary room but in an arty room, you would have to opt for a different kind of cat furniture.
  • The furniture’s design alone would not be sufficient to match your home. You should pick the materials accordingly. There are various types of woods used in cat furniture. Also, there are many types of carpets or ropes which are used. Your choice of wood, carpet and rope would depend on the ease and comfort level of the cat and durability of the material but it should also depend on what kind of setting you have at your home. You cannot opt for veneers if you have an upscale interior décor. The material of choice should be natural or solid wood, not even engineered wood. Also, there shouldn’t be any hunky-dory colors that do not complement the setting.
  • The color will play a quintessential role in matching your home or otherwise. It doesn’t imply that the colors of your cat furniture will have to be the same as that on the walls or it should be the same as that of your home furniture and fixtures. As long as the colors complement one another or accentuate the other, they should look good. There has to be a degree of harmony. A conflictingly contrasting color may appeal to a cat but it will certainly not appeal to you, family, friends and guests. You certainly don’t want to undo the amazing interior décor that you may have worked very hard on.
  • You should also focus on aesthetics. Regardless of the color and material, design and special features which the cat furniture comes with, there should be a certain degree of aesthetic elegance. Here again, the aesthetics should match that of your room’s. A funky room will look dull if you opt for cat furniture with matted finish. Likewise, a chic room will look odd if you opt for bland colored cat furniture. There should be some resonance between the aesthetics of the cat furniture and the aesthetics of your room.
  • Finally, once you have picked stylish cat furniture to match your home, you should think of a clever placement. The placement will be very important. If you don’t keep the cat furniture at the right places, then it may hamper the natural light, the feel of the room, the perceived spaciousness of the room and the already present furniture may get concealed or less highlighted. You should place the cat furniture in a stylish manner to match your home settings and décor.


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