Surprise! Did anyone want to throw a surprise party for their feline friend? Well, for cat lover people there’s no reason why its pets birthday will be less celebrated as they claimed that it is important to include them in our ritual because they are considered as part of the family.

However, planning for a cat birthday party can be a crucial work considering your furry friend’s behavior or personality. But we will walk you through into great ideas on throwing the best, PURRFECT successful party.


The Guest

Please bear in mind that cats are very territorial and at such point, it’s probably the best idea to note of the following.

  •  Invite your close friends or families who have a connection with your feline friend.
  •  Human guest is more preferred as they likely give attention to the celebrant
  • Encourage your guest to at least wear cat theme attire, or even a cat design socks 
  •  Let your friends bring along their cats (if they have one)


The Decoration

Make it sure that the decoration will look festive, colorful designs like.

  • Hanging banner or a “happy birthday” sign on the wall.
  •  Paw colored prints hanging or just a sushi floor mat  all around the corner.
  •  Provide a cute kitty faces balloons as additional decoration
  •  Also used adorable cat-shapes plates and cups


The Food

It’s time to think the party foods, it doesn’t necessarily mean an all cat type snacks but you could at least include the following on your list.

  •  A cat themed birthday cake which surely everyone will adore.
  • A buffet of cookies or cupcakes with cats faces.
  •  A mouth-watering recipe of tuna (like tuna-fish sandwiches) is always perfect to serve.


The Games

To make the party festive, plan some games that anyone will enjoy particularly kids.

  • The yarn game is best suggested, have the participants create a circle, toss the yarn across and let it wrap around them. The kids in the middle initiate move to firstly get free.
  •  Mouse chase, you can tie a mouse drawing into the balloon wherein the kids can chase, trying to pop the balloon.


The Gifts Giving

Since you are throwing your cats a superb birthday party why not spoils her a little bit more.

  •  Try to buy cat themed stuff and allow your guest to pick one as a souvenir.
  •  A key-chain  is quite handy yet perfect for gifts giving.
  • Or you can hand over a cute cat ear stud  for little ladies.


The Music

Like humans, cats enjoy listening music. However, it should be not too loud in order for your pet to appreciate.

  •  Playing music is best for cats as it will reduce its stress and allow them to stay calm.
  • Calming music should be in a lower tone or slower tempo.
  •  Music will allow cats to develop confidence with their human companion.



The Photo Booth

Setting a photo booth for your cat’s birthday party is a great idea because.

  •  This is where you and your guess take a snap, design a corner that perfect as background for picture taking.
  •  A great area to capture amazing moments.
  •  A spot where you and your feline become a star, so dress like one for a perfect shot.


Finally, you already have an idea of throwing your feline friend a birthday party, but before we end up with this conversation, check these few tips that help to make the party fun and successful.

  • Try to avoid things that might freak out your furry friend. Sometimes balloons are dangerous most likely if it will blow up.
  • Always be careful about using candles, see to it that your furry friend will not mess it around.
  • Do not give unhealthy foods for a treat especially if your cat is on a diet.

A well-planned event is definitely fun and exciting, thus following these tips might not turn your party perfect but at least able you to create an event that you and your furry friend will enjoy.