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Communist Cat Costume


Are you eating that cake all to YOURSELF?! SHARE with me! That includes your bed and your private space.

Size 2 – Small (Petite cats) (Pets weighing not more than 3.5kg)
Chest Circumference: 28-38cm
Neck Circumference: 28cm

Size 3 – Medium (Pets weighing not more than 5kg)
Chest Circumference: 38-45cm
Neck Circumference: 32cm

Size 4 – Large (Pets weighing not more than 7.5kg)
Chest Circumference: 35-50cm
Neck Circumference: 37cm

Easy wearing with velcro. The cat in the first photo wears Size 3.

Cat costumes and hats should only be used under human supervision.

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