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What’s the Difference Between a Dog and a Cat 2014-08-04T22:53:34+00:00

Dog: These people feed me, pet me, love me, they must be God.

Cat: These people feed me, pet me, love me, I must be a God.

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Mimi the cat

Mimi is a 2 year old white/orangy Singapura cat. She is a rescued stray. She’s the most timid cat you’ll ever find, but she loves hunting for lizards.
She also has a very cute meow which is nice.

Who is Maomao 2016-12-04T14:02:21+00:00

Maomao is a 4 year old tuxedo cat in our office. She was rescued as a stray when she was a 2 week old kitten.
Now a slight diva, she knows how to play fetch and is selectively friendly to humans. She has a way of asking for food and will totally work for it. She won’t hesitate to lounge on any clean fresh laundry. Rest assured, Maomao does not dwell at our warehouse. Our items are cat fur free! :D

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All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).