Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

If you are dating a cat with a doting human, buying a gift for this special cat lover is as easy as meow, 2, 3!

Here at Suddenly Cat, we offer the widest selection of cat gifts that you will not find at the corner drug store. From jewelry and clothing for the cat’s human, to costumes and toys for the cat, you are going to find just the right gift! We hear Santa has his eyes on several of these items! So here are some valentine’s day gift ideas for cat lovers.

Japanese Hand-made Jewelry

Currently, Suddenly Cat is carrying a line of original jewelry by the Japanese craftsmen at Palnart Poc. Each piece is created and painted by hand. The result is a beautiful artistic expression with exceptional details. Since these pieces are individually made, no two pairs will be identical. Your cat’s human can honestly say their pieces are one of a kind!


Fierce Leopard Ear Stud

The earrings are stunning! If you fancy the big cats, you can not beat the “Fierce Leopard Ear Stud”. This gives the illusion of the cat bursting through your earlobe. The stud is sold singly for a dramatic statement!

Handmade Cat Teacup Ring

Coming in as a must have is the “Handmade Cat in Teacup Ring”. This particular ring will have the recipient and admirers uttering “Oohs” and “Awes” all year long! The cute kitten is sitting in a tiny teacup complete with saucer and doily to catch any spills!

Dream Catcher T-shirt

Keeping their humans looking good is high on a cat’s priority list, right up there with naps and treats! Suddenly Cat has it covered with hard to find t-shirts, print socks, dresses, baby items and much more! Especially striking is the “Dream Catcher T-shirt”, featuring a cat’s head outline as the framework.

Neko Atsume Figurines

Some highly coveted stocking stuffers in the feline community come from the Gachapon toy collection! These tiny toys are just right for the tiny humans! These Neko Atsume themed collectibles are ideal for rainy day play or decorating in a small space. The “Cardboard Cafe” set is absolutely adorable with beloved characters straight from the game.

Cat Costumes

We have all seen the cat costumes making such a splash on TV and videos. This collection will have your furry friend ready for the “cat-walk”!

There is so much more here to please even the most finicky cat or cat lover. Gifts are very reasonably priced so everyone on your list will be covered.

Valentine’s Day is a time of love and no-one knows more about love than cat owners. This perfectly describes the owners of this site. They are cat lovers, schooled in the art of understanding what makes our fur-babies tick. These are the same attributes cat lovers all over the world carry as well. A need for quiet, personal space, variety, individuality and quality. This is how the owners of Suddenly Cat run their business. By offering distinctive products not commonly found in the chain stores, they honor the originality of cats and cat lovers alike. The quiet beauty of the jewelry reflects the quiet times needed for reflection and renewal. They understand cat lovers because they are cat lovers themselves! In fact, the cats have their say by explaining how the site was created because of them! There is even a translation for the cats that may be on your shoulder while you shop! 

Smiley Pink Cat Plushie

Now for my personal favorite! You will find several stress-busting items here, but the one that is going on my list for Santa is the “Smiley Pink Cat Plushie”! This little treasure is just so adorable, I can not imagine being in a bad mood with this cutie around to cuddle! (Hint, Hint Santa!)

Save yourself from the chaos of crowded stores, traffic, and the hair pulling that goes with shopping! Come on in and browse for that perfect gift for the cat lover on your list

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