The Top Ten Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

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The Top Ten Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat people, like cats, can be notoriously hard to shop for. While their kitties may deign to be pleased by a felt mouse laced with catnip, that’s probably not going to cut it for their furless friends. Never fear! We’ve rounded up the top ten best gifts for cat lovers that’ll have your friends purring with delight.

Cat Tail Socks

cat tail socks

cat tail socks

Your cat’s always underfoot, but has he ever been on your foot? These socks, made of 100% cotton, are printed with row after row of adorable kitty behinds. With six colors to choose from, your friends can wear cats with every outfit.

Korean Pretty Cat Fringe Earrings

These pretty kitties are perfect for a friend who loves a little bit of bling. Rhinestones, pearls, and tassels send a fashion statement that’ll make you say me-ow! Choose from navy or pink; both colors feature gold accents.

Galaxy Cats Phone Case

For the gadget-savvy cat lover, this phone case is out of this world! Brightly colored, whimsical, and (of course) cat-centric, the Galaxy Cats phone case is made of hard plastic and fits iPhones 6 and 6 Plus.

“Cats Make Better Friends” Tote Bag

You already know your friends’ cats outrank you on the friendship scale, but you can definitely win some brownie points with this stylish and practical gift. This tote is made of sturdy cotton and sports dual handles for strength.

“If I Were Bigger, I’d Tear You Apart” Baby Romper or T-Shirt

Aw, your friend had a kitten—er, a baby! Make sure this little cat-person in the making has a stylish outfit to declare that growing cattitude. Choose from three colors and two styles, either onesie romper or t-shirt.

“Check Me-Owt” T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a sassy cat t-shirt? Screen printed with Olive the Hipster Cat, you’d better get this one for your friends before it becomes too mainstream. With options for ladies’ and men’s cuts, this shirt is bound to draw attention from lovers of cats and puns alike. Also available in baby’s sizes!

Cat Clutch

Everyone knows a Crazy Cat Lady who’d love this clutch. If you don’t, that might be because you are the Crazy Cat Lady. But that’s okay. That just means you can keep this adorable clutch for yourself. Choose from green or yellow backgrounds. Each clutch measures 19×10.5 cm, and has slots for six credit or ID cards and two envelope pockets for bills.

Fortune Cat Compact Mirror

Looking for a gift that will let your friend check her makeup or bounce a patch of light on the floor for Kitty to chase? This adorable double-sided compact mirror has you covered. Choose from eight different designs, all featuring loveable Fortune Cats crafted from soft, brightly colored fabrics.

Walking Cat Shadow Tattoo

These fun temporary tattoos make the best gifts for cat lovers who aren’t quite ready to commit their love of felines to permanent ink. Featuring a sleek black cat and his Technicolor shadow, it’s a reminder that there’s more to cats (and cat lovers) than meets the eye.

Peeping Cat Sticker

Your friends will get a kick out of surprising unsuspecting coworkers and family members with these sneaky stickers. Made of waterproof PVC, choose from nine different stalking kitties. They can be applied to walls, windows, and more. If you need inspiration for where to put them, just ask your cat!

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