Some people think that cats have an independent nature that can stand alone without a human companion. This perception might be true and applicable to those felines who are just roaming the streets and seemed no one or home to turn to. But, if you own one or have a cat as your pet, feeding is not enough to make them healthy and happy, like a human, they need more to be really cheerful hence we prepared 10 easy steps to make your furry friend be merry.


1.Giving the right foods

The right food intake is not only essential for people as this will also apply to cats to keep them healthy and avoid obesity. Be cautious with what you buy, follow instructions on the food package or better yet ask your veterinarian for the right brand and quantities. Remember, feeding the right foods is proven that generates the quality of hair, skin, and health.



2.A good and clean environment

Cats are freaking clean and obviously like to lick themselves as they can’t afford to have dirt on their body or fur. Providing them a clean and odor-free environment surely makes them feel happy. Cats nose are sensitive they dislike aromatic litter thus choose an unscented box and keep it clean and fresh, change it at least twice a week or as much as you can do.



3.Watch their health

A regular visit to your veterinarian is one way to keep the feline livelier and healthier. Regular worming and flea treatment are advice; keep an eye on its weight, wounds, dirty ears and many others.


4.Provide fresh water

To provide fresh and clean water is essential and will make cats happy. Felines love to drink regularly but if the water in their bowl is stagnant or smelly the taste won’t be quite right. The best thing to do is distribute several clean bowls with water around your home for them to choose and satisfied for liquid craving.


5.Arrange a good view

Most of the cats like to stay indoors yet feel happy to see outdoors view. Provide a spot that allows them to sit or lay in, like a space near the window or at the screen door wherein they can sniff the air outside. Also, try to introduce them someplace high (like a cat tree ) wherein they can observe in peace.


6.Time and attention

In contrast with the popular myth, cats are not anti-social. They want your attention and time to play or even to cuddle with them. Give time to carry or have your feline friend in your lap, you can talk to her/him as they enjoy being treated like a human.


7.Supply toys for entertainment

Playing with toys is one form of exercise; therefore, providing some will not only make them happy but also a great way to keep them healthy. You can buy toys like cat teaser which surely makes her/him happy and excited. The more toys you provide the higher chance of getting your furry friend active and healthy.


  8.Exploring the outdoor

It might be true that bringing your cat outside may be risky due to many dangers like predators, diseases, and many others. But if bringing them outside could make them happy, why not give time to accompany or watch them while you’re in your garden or simply walking in the neighborhood this way, your feline will have the opportunity exercise, climb and hunt.


9.Provide them a company

If you can afford to have another pet, adopting a new one will make them more active. Your furry friend may hesitant at first but they eventually like each other. However, you should separate your cat’s feeding station and introduced its isolated territory.


10.Get to know more of your cat

To be able to provide your felines’ happiness, you should get to know more of its behavior or body language. They often communicate through its posture like if a cat sits and sleep with slowly breathing (normal) then they are relaxed. But if your cat is shaking, tail curled close to their body and breathing is so fast it indicates that they are in fear or terrified. Knowing these actions allow you to find ways on how to let them calm and happy.


All of the above details are essential to assure that your best buddy is happy. Nonetheless, what matters most here is to know more about your cat in order to provide what they need. It may take a lot of patience and time to know their character and to gain their trust but at the end of the day both pet and feline owner will be benefited.